ABACUSES is the acronym for "a Bright and Costless Universal Statistical End-user Software".

Here is the interpretation for these words.
Bright: It means clever. Maybe this world could be changed to "Brilliant" some day.
Costless: It's free, and you could get all the source code.
Universal: You can find almost all the common used statistical method here.
Statistical: It involve the traditional statistics, which is based on probability distribution and limit theorem.
End-user: It's for the end users. You need not to write any codes yourself, just click some buttons.
Software: ...

You can see a sentence "It's more than a abacus." in the initial tile. Abacus, which is said to be the earliest computer, is a manual computing device consisting of a frame holding parallel rods strung with movable counters. It was invented by ancient Chinese, and it's still widely used by accountants in China today.